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“I couldn’t ask for a better shopping experience with a conveniently located store, great selection, friendly staff and great customer service! Thanks, Mama Goose! You are the best!” – Kim C.

We at Mama Goose…

work hard to make our store an organized, inviting, child-friendly, and nurturing place to be. Visit us enough, and we’ll learn every thing about you. Are you always searching for adjustable waistbands for your slim five year old? Are you pregnant and need a little help de-mystifying cloth diapering? Are you looking for the perfect potty to inspire your toddler?

We listen carefully to mamas through all the stages of parenting and strive to meet their needs in a fun, friendly atmosphere. Come see for yourself—and by all means, bring some stuff to trade! (See "How to Sell" for more details.)

Kelly Serbonich, Owner

Rebeka, Store Manager


Anya, Assistant Manager

Ilana Sales Associate


Melissa, Sales Associate

The Hatching of Mama Goose...

Shortly after she moved to Ithaca in December 2002, Kelly Moreland met fellow mama Michelle Stuhr at the preschool that both their young children attended. Within minutes of meeting each other, the two women found themselves talking about their respective dreams to open a children's resale store. They both felt there was a niche to be filled, and had been dreaming about the kind of store where they would like to shop for their kids. Read More...

Kelly was passively working on a five year plan, but was inspired by Michelle's energy and can-do attitude. The two women started meeting and envisioning and decided to join forces and take a leap. Neither women had owned or managed a store, but soon adopted the motto, "Build it while you fly it." Within a few months, Mama Goose opened its doors in a very charming, very small store at the corner of Seneca and Plain Streets in December 2003. Thanks to Ithaca-area parents' passion for reuse and their support of local business, Mama Goose took flight and grew quickly. In 2006, after the arrival of Michelle's third child, Kelly purchased the business, becoming the sole owner. In 2008, Kelly moved the business one block west to itscurrent at the corner of State and Corn Streets in Ithaca's lively West End. Mama Goose is now over four times its original size with plenty of room for your goslings to enjoy themselves and for you to shop with ease.  In August 2020, Mama Goose changed change ownership to Kelly Serbonich, owner of Jillian’s Drawers and Parenting Naturally, LLC. Kelly S. has a super exciting vision and plan to incorporate Mama Goose and Jillian’s Drawers into a one-stop shopping and trading hub for Ithaca families. Both stores will operate as they are now, in their current locations for another month or so, but the plan is to move them to a fabulous downtown storefront where they can be side by side and yes, there will be lots of easy parking! The location will be announced soon, but both Kelly S. and Kelly M. feel great about it and we think you will too.

What Customers are Saying...

"We have been able to get co-sleepers, ring slings, cloth diapers, toys galore and more clothes than I can count. Not to mention, all the great dress up clothes I've…

"Mama Goose easily has the best staff in Ithaca. They are always friendly and knowledgeable - my fav store in Ithaca!!"

"On any given day, at least 2 of my 4 kids will be wearing something from Mama Goose - from boots and winter coats, to party dresses and footsie pajamas.…