How To Sell

As of Thursday, Sept. 10, we will temporarily stop buying in used items. We’re moving in a couple of weeks and have to catch up and prepare! All existing appointments and items currently in our possession will be processed and you will be contacted. Buying will resume once we are established in our fabulous new location. Thanks for your patience!


Still have questions? Refer to our Q&A section below or call our store, our buyers would be happy to help.

We are currently taking a short break from buying.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for name brands?
Brand is one of the factors that we take into consideration when we buy and price, so you will receive more for higher-end brands such as Mini Boden, Crew Cuts, Tea, Gap, Naartjie, Patagonia, Keen, REI, Kamik, Tucker & Tate, Hanna Andersson, and See Kai Run.  However, we are happy to look at most brands, especially when items are sturdy, stylish and in good condition. Note: We do not buy clothing or items with prominent commercial characters or corporate logos on them or Garanimals brand clothing.
Can I drop off my items and come back?
 We ask that you stay in the building while we look through your items, but you can browse at Mama Goose or Mimi’s Attic, next door.  When we are done going over your items, we will let you know what we can offer you in check or store credit.
When do I get paid for the items I bring in?
We buy clothes and most items “outright” and pay you the same day either 30% in check or 40% in store credit. We are not currently offering cash payments.
If an item is going to sell for more than $15, we typically consign it which means you will be paid after the item sells. When we consign an item, we work with you to find a selling price that will work in our market. You will receive 50% in check or 60% in store credit after the item sells (and after a 7 day return period).  Consignment is a good option for special, higher-cost, items and things that people will want to take home and make sure they function, such as electronic baby equipment.
After we have gone through your items (and discussed possible consignment items), we will tell you what we can offer you.
How does store credit work?
You will receive 10% more if you choose to be paid with store credit. We will create a store credit account for you in our computer which you can use that day or whenever you’d like. You can use your store credit to purchase anything in the store, including our new products.
What toys do you take?
We buy classic toys in good condition.  See “Things We Do Not Buy”.
What are things you do NOT buy?
  • Anything designed specifically for babies to put in their mouths.
  • Painted metal or painted plastic toys (with a date earlier than 2009)
  • Painted wood toys that do not have the brand imprinted on them.
  • Kids’ jewelry and charms.
  • Inexpensive plastic that can break and shatter.
  • Electronic toys without off-switch.
  • Clothes or items with prominent commercial or corporate logos, Garanimals brand clothing
  • Women’s clothing that is not specifically maternity.
  • Toys and games that plug into the television or computer
  • Drop-side cribs
How do I sell baby equipment?
Typically, we consign baby equipment, pricing at half of what it sells retail; up or down depending on condition. Once your item sells, (and after the 7 day return period) you will be paid 50% of the selling price in cash or 60% in store credit. We will check the item for recalls when you get here (we need a legible model number). You can also check for recalls, yourself,  before bringing the item in. Just go to and enter the model number. If you have large items that are awkward or heavy, you are welcome to pull your car up to our Corn Street side door to unload.  Call us when you get to the store, and we will open the side door for you and then you can go park.
What kind of mama items do you buy?
We buy current style maternity clothes, nursing bras in good condition, bella bands,  and higher-end diaper bags.