Exciting Announcement!

A Note from Store Owner, Kelly Moreland:
Hello, Ithaca Families! I am very happy to be sharing this news with you. Mama Goose is about to change ownership to Kelly Serbonich, owner of Jillian’s Drawers and Parenting Naturally, LLC.
Kelly S. has a super exciting vision and plan to incorporate Mama Goose and Jillian’s Drawers into a one-stop shopping and trading hub for Ithaca families. Both stores will operate as they are now, in their current locations for another month or so, but the plan is to move them to a fabulous downtown storefront where they can be side by side and yes, there will be lots of easy parking! The location will be announced soon, but both Kelly S. and I feel great about it and we think you will too.

What will happen to your Store Credit under the new

Though Mama Goose is changing ownership and, eventually, locations, your Mama Goose Store Credit will continue to be honored under the new ownership, just as it always has been.
One small change around here is we have all gotten in the habit of referring to me as “Kelly M” and Kelly Serbonich as “Kelly S”, but everything else is pretty much business as usual! You will be served by all the same, familiar team members including Store Manager Rebeka and Assistant Manager, Anya and we will all work together to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible for you.

Why am I selling Mama Goose?
I have been honored to be the owner of Mama Goose for sixteen and a half years.
My lil’ goslings were 1 & 4 when I opened Mama Goose in December 2003 (with co-founder Michelle Stuhr) and it is clear to me the time has come for me to pass the mantle. I could not be happier with this transition plan which I regard as a win-win for Kelly S, the team (A.K.A. The Geese at the Goose) and for Ithaca families

There is one policy change we need to make this week:
Beginning August 27th, we will not be able to transfer your Store Credit between Mama Goose & Mimi’s Attic.
If you wish to transfer your Mama Goose Store Credit to Mimi’s Attic (or vice versa) it’s important that you do so by Wednesday, August 26th. I apologize for this change as I know many of you enjoy transferring store credit back and forth between the two stores. If you are happy with where your store credit is, there is nothing you need to do.

Thank you, once again, for your commitment to local business and sustainability and for your part in helping Mama Goose thrive and serve Ithaca for years to come. 

Kelly Moreland & the Geese at the Goose

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