Important update from Store Owner, Kelly Moreland

We have temporarily ceased all business activity, including our remote shopping, as of the end of day March 20, 2020. We will revisit this decision in two weeks and reach out to you via social media and our email blasts. If you are not already receiving emails from us, please join our mailing list (to the right) so that you can receive updates from us in the coming weeks.

Thank you for staying connected with us during this time of change, and helping us get our online shopping launched. We feel optimistic about the systems we created to continue to serve you remotely (online and over the phone) and will strive to get that up and running again when we feel it is safe for our staff to do so.

From all of the Geese at the Goose, we wish you and yours safety and well-being.

Attn: Consignors

You should receive an email from us with the following information about possible questions you may have for us now that we have closed for business for the time being:

Q: Can Mama Goose extend my consignment period?

A: Yes. Your consignment contract will be on pause for the next two weeks. We will get in touch with you at that time and update you on your options. 

Q: Can I get my item/s back now?

Yes, we will be conducting business until 4pm Friday 3/20/20. If you call us, we can make arrangements for you to pick up your item/s from one of our parking lots. There will be no person-to person contact at that juncture, so please bring someone to help you load your item/s into your vehicle if they are large.

Q: If I can’t pick up my item/s by the end of the day on Friday March 2oth, can I pick them up in 2 weeks?

Yes, if permitted, we will work with you to make your items available for pick up. 

Q: I am expecting a payment for something that has sold. 

A:  We will be sending checks to consignors who have had all their items sell (just like usual).    If all your items haven’t sold, you may request a check by 3pm Friday, March 20th to be put in the mail. Any requests not received by that time will not be able to be honored due to a limited number of hours before our staff can no longer report to work. 

Q: Will you be buying and consigning again?

We will keep you apprised (via our website, email blasts and social media) when we begin to take in consignment items again.

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