Kids’ Coats, Boots, Snow Pants, Winter Accessories and Halloween Costumes in Ithaca’s West End

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Don’t miss our 12th Annual Mama Goose Coat Sale Extravaganza!

Saturday, September 24th 10am-6pm

430 W. State Street, Ithaca, NY 14850
In the Seneca street parking lot just behind Mimi’s Attic.
Just look for the big tents!

We buy quality children’s winter coats, snow pants, snow boots, winter accessories & Halloween costumes all year long, and stow them away for this fun-filled, annual event. We will continue to have winter outerwear for purchase throughout the winter, but this is always our best selection of the year. So save the date and plan to attend!

FUN FACT! 5% of all Coat Sale Extravaganza 2016 sales will be donated to the Southside Community Center Youth Programs. One of the Youth Programs upcoming goals is to beautify and maintain their new Pride Van which they use for the kids’ field trips.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the sale (Coat Sale veterans, note the answers marked NEW):

Q: Why have a Coat Sale Extravaganza in the first place?
A: The Coat Sale tradition began when we had a tiny, ginger-bread house-like store at the corner of Seneca St. and Plain St. (2004). It was impossible to fit all of our winter outerwear on the sales floor, and our customers needed to stop in daily to find the right size snow gear for each of their kids. We realized that if we put all of our winter outerwear in our parking lot on one day, our customers would know what day to come to have the best chance at finding what they needed. And so the Extravaganza was born! The coat sale also allows us to buy great winter outerwear year-round, regardless of sales floor space, which means a better selection for you

Q:How much will the outerwear be discounted?
A:When you get to the register, you will be asked to draw a lucky marble for 10, 15 or 20% OFF your total purchase of winter outerwear and Halloween costumes. You’ve heard the song “Luck be a lady” … we say “Luck be a Mama at the Extravaganza!”

Q:Will there be other savings on the day of the event?
NEW A:Why, yes – great question! Everything inside Mama Goose will be 10% off on the day of the Extravaganza! And, yes, that includes new products such as our Ergo Carriers, Ring Slings, Cloth Diapers and Shoes. If something is already marked down, like our clearance shoes, you will receive an additional 10% off on the day of the Extravaganza. Plus, after you make your Coat Sale purchases, you will be given a couple of coupons including a 10% off coupon to our sister store, Mimi’s Attic.

Q: How long are the checkout lines going to be?
NEW A: We’re changing it up completely this year, with only ONE line! All shoppers will enter the same line, just off the parking lot, into the Mimi’s Attic loading area, where we will have four registers with eager cashiers waiting to check you out with lightning speed. When the line is long it will zig zag through the loading area. Note to mamas and papas – this may be the hard part for kiddos who don’t like to wait and stand still. We will have a coloring station set up nearby.

Q: What forms of payment will you accept?
A: All four registers will accept Mama Goose Store Credit, VISA, Mastercard , Discover and of course, CASH! Cash is definitely the swiftest form of payment, so if possible, stop at an ATM!

Q: Is it worth coming if I can’t get there until the afternoon?
A: Definitely! The sale lasts all day, from 10am-6pm and there is plenty to choose from all day long. Just come and have fun whenever you can make it!

Q: Can I use my frequent customer stamp card?
NEW A: In order to keep the lines moving, we do not stamp frequent customer cards at the Coat Sale registers. However, this year we will be giving stamps for regular, non-coat sale purchases made inside Mama Goose. You are also welcome to redeem full stamp cards at any register.

Q: What if I want to shop inside Mama Goose for non-Coat Sale items like school clothes, books, shoes, toys, diapering supplies, etc.?
NEW A: It will be business as usual for shoppers inside Mama Goose, except we will have an extra register, light refreshments and 10% off everything inside the store! We think our 2016 plan to checkout all Coat Sale purchases in the Mimi’s Loading area, will make your shopping experience inside Mama Goose easier and more fun. You might choose to shop inside Mama Goose after your Coat Sale purchases or “divide and conquer” with one person from your party shopping inside and the other person shopping outside at the same time. You choose your strategy!  Note: We will NOT be buying on the day of the Extravaganza.

Q: What if I want to shop or browse in Mimi’s Attic?
NEW A: We suggest making your Coat Sale purchases first and then go shop at Mimi’s. You will be receiving a Mimi’s coupon for 10% off your total purchase that you can use any time before October 31st.

Q: What if it rains?
A: We have three twenty-foot tents, and several 10×10 foot tents in addition to our shipping and receiving area. We will also direct and manage the checkout lines to keep you sheltered and dry. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If you have any unanswered questions, feel free call us at 607-269-0600.

Q: Can I bring used items to sell on the day of the Coat Sale?
A: We apologize for any inconvenience, but we will not be buying on the day of the Coat Sale.
Normal buying will resume on Monday the 26th

Q: I’m not familiar with the area, where can I park?
A: Mama Goose Ithaca is located in Ithaca’s West End, which is easy to get to  from route 13. Here is a handy MAP for your convenience. If you are coming from the north, simply take a left off of route 13 South onto Buffalo Street and proceed two blocks, and look for parking on Buffalo Street. Then simply walk down Corn St (across from the park) and you will be right next to the sale. Parking is free on weekends. Parking can also be found on Corn, State or Seneca Street. Note: Though our address is 430 West State Street, the coat sale takes place around the back of the building on Seneca Street in our parking lot.

We hope to see you at the Extravaganza! Don’t forget to bring a friend and making a day of it! You are sure not to walk away empty handed.

Join our Coat Sale Extravanganza Facebook event HERE and stay in the loop!

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