Surviving Cabin Fever

The kids are back in school, your annual cookie supply is dwindling, and big box stores have swapped their displays of red and green for hearts and chocolate. It can only mean one thing: it’s cabin fever season!

It can be a to struggle to find ways to fill these cold, winter days for you and your goslings. We’ve rounded up some ideas for you!

Crafts & Kits

Start those creative juices flowing! Engaging in creative endeavors is a great way to keep a child’s mind and hands occupied. Whether it is knitting, painting, or building model rockets, crafts and kits allow children to build find motor skills and think creatively. Plus, the sense of accomplishment they’ll feel when they finish a project is truly priceless!

Games & Puzzles

Gather the whole gang for some family fun with a game night! We have games for every age and personality. Looking to challenge your trivia knowledge? Try Trivial Pursuits, Wits and Wagers, or Cranium. Want something more lighthearted and goofy? Check out a game like Eat it or Quelf. Prefer the classics? Chutes and Ladders and I Spy currently grace our shelves! No matter what game you choose, having a game night is sure to be a wonderful time of family bonding.

Books & Movies

If the early nightfall and snowy days have you feeling slow and sleepy, we’ve got you covered. Heat up some cocoa in your favorite mug, slip into your fuzzy socks, and grab your favorite book or movie! Books and movies are a great way to go on a new adventure without ever leaving the comfort of your living room – perfect for when you’re stuck inside due to bad weather or the inevitable winter sniffles.

The best part? All of the items featured here are included in our Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale happening right now! This sale ends on January 12th, so don’t wait! Stop by this weekend to stock up on everything you need to beat cabin fever this winter.

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