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Important update from Store Owner, Kelly Moreland

We have temporarily ceased all business activity, including our remote shopping, as of the end of day March 20, 2020. We will revisit this decision in two weeks and reach out to you via social media and our email blasts. If you are not already receiving emails from us, please join our mailing list (to the right) so that you can receive updates from us in the coming weeks.

Thank you for staying connected with us during this time of change, and helping us get our online shopping launched. We feel optimistic about the systems we created to continue to serve you remotely (online and over the phone) and will strive to get that up and running again when we feel it is safe for our staff to do so.

From all of the Geese at the Goose, we wish you and yours safety and well-being.

Attn: Consignors

You should receive an email from us with the following information about possible questions you may have for us now that we have closed for business for the time being:

Q: Can Mama Goose extend my consignment period?

A: Yes. Your consignment contract will be on pause for the next two weeks. We will get in touch with you at that time and update you on your options. 

Q: Can I get my item/s back now?

Yes, we will be conducting business until 4pm Friday 3/20/20. If you call us, we can make arrangements for you to pick up your item/s from one of our parking lots. There will be no person-to person contact at that juncture, so please bring someone to help you load your item/s into your vehicle if they are large.

Q: If I can’t pick up my item/s by the end of the day on Friday March 2oth, can I pick them up in 2 weeks?

Yes, if permitted, we will work with you to make your items available for pick up. 

Q: I am expecting a payment for something that has sold. 

A:  We will be sending checks to consignors who have had all their items sell (just like usual).    If all your items haven’t sold, you may request a check by 3pm Friday, March 20th to be put in the mail. Any requests not received by that time will not be able to be honored due to a limited number of hours before our staff can no longer report to work. 

Q: Will you be buying and consigning again?

We will keep you apprised (via our website, email blasts and social media) when we begin to take in consignment items again.

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March 17th Update from Mama

Like you, we are striving to respond to the changing events of the day the best way we know how and as rapidly as possible.

Beginning March 18th, our stores will be temporarily closed to the public, but all of our merchandise is available for purchase online and over the phone. Please take a few minutes to read about all of our new REMOTE SHOPPING OPTIONS which we hope will meet your shopping needs while our sales floors are closed. These measures will help us in the following ways:

  •  Our skeleton crew can focus on serving you online and over the phone.
  •  Less overhead will help us conserve our resources so that we can support our remaining staff as much as possible.
  • We will be supporting Ithaca’s mission to “flatten the curve” by exercising social distancing and help our health system fortify their resources and systems.

Sellers and Consignors
We are not buying and consigning merchandise at this time. Consignors, thank you for trusting your merchandise with us. We will continue to work to sell your items for you as swiftly as we can.  We are sending a direct email communication to all current consignors which will answer questions you may have and outline our options for proceeding together in this unchartered territory. To allay any immediate concerns, please know that you are welcome to come pick up your items at any time. Just call us and we can bring your items out to your car for you. All payments for sold items will be by check and will be sent to you by mail. If you have items you would like to consign with us, and think they would sell in the current climate, please call us or email us (with photo) and we will add you to our list of people to contact when we are taking in consignment items again. 

Please check out all of our new Remote Shopping Options and give these new systems a whirl! This is a great way to meet some of your shopping needs in a safe and efficient way and of course,  keep supporting local business and your community. 

As fast as we usually work to get our new merchandise on the sales floor, we will now work that hard to get our merchandise posted online for you. We will also be available by phone as much as possible for phone orders and personal shopping. Please stay tuned as we update the hours we will be in the store and available for these services. 

Thank you for supporting Mama Goose & Mimi’s Attic, and all of Ithaca’s locally-owned stores.

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So Many Remote Shopping Options!

Despite the uncertainty we’re all feeling right now, we’re excited to offer you some new remote shopping options both online and over the phone.

1. Mama’s new Shopify page

Add items to your cart and checkout on the Shopify website. We will be adding clothes in all sizes as well as books, toys, games and puzzles. We’ll strive to get this populated as fast as we can. Visit our page at

2. Mama’s Facebook page

See something you like? Call us and order over the phone. Visit

3. Mama’s Instagram page

See something you like? Call us and order over the phone. Visit

4. Mama’s personal shopping service

Call us, tell us what you want, we will gather it, communicate with you as needed with photos and ring you out over the phone. This includes new and used products.

To make purchases over the phone, call us at (607)269-0600

Pick-up at the store

All Mama online purchases can be picked up at the store for free. Simply call us, schedule a time for pick-up and we will bring the items out to you or you can pick them up at our convenient side door on Corn Street.

For now, all sales will be final until further notice. Thank you for understanding this change in policy.

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Mama’s Response to COVID-19

Hello, Ithaca Families!

We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the role we play as a community gathering and shopping place, and address some concerns you may be having regarding such spaces. The health and well-being of our customers is always a priority, but especially so now. We are closely monitoring COVID-19 updates from Tompkins County Health Department, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the NYS Health Department. As recommended, we have tentative contingency plans in place for various scenarios and are revisiting them and meeting about them daily.

New Procedures We are upping our cleaning game to help keep you and your loved ones healthy and safe. In addition to our nightly cleaning routine, we are now wiping down high-use surfaces and doorknobs a couple of times throughout the day. We always strive to use natural/minimal chemicals for cleaning but, for now, we will be using EPA recommended cleaning solutions also.

Our goal, as always,  is to spread the love not the germs!

Consignors Thank you for consigning with us and trusting us with your items. We will stay in close contact with you about your consigned items should anything in our procedures need to change. As always, if we offer storewide sales and discounts, that never affects your consignment payouts. We would be similarly conscientious about any unexpected variables that might affect your consignment timeline.

The Mama Team We are committed to taking care of our team. We are in continual communication to offer guidance and information so they can keep themselves and their families safe. We’re encouraging sick team members to stay home to keep the rest of the staff and our customers safe and healthy. We are also aware that some people may not feel comfortable shaking hands or having other physical contact at this time, and will gladly offer and accept bows, waves, grins, and jazz hands in lieu of a handshake.

xoxo Mama 

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Look of the Month: February

Brrr! It’s been a chilly winter so far, and it looks like more snow days are coming. So, what’s a mama to do with plunging temperatures outside? Make sure your goslings are warm and cozy inside! This month’s models, Charlotte and Elijah, show off the latest in snow day chic.

Cool kid Elijah is relaxing in a Gymboree thermal (size 10/12, $5.50), Mini Boden lounge pants (size 10/12, $14.95) and fleece-lined navy Crocs (size 1, $14.95.) Big sister Charlotte is crushing it in a crushed velvet leisure suit by Rockets of Awesome (size 8, $12.95) and Juicy Couture slippers (size 4, $9.95.)

Elijah increases his coziness factor by adding an Ithaca College Under Armour hoodie (size 10/12, $14.95.)

Charlotte snuggles up in a second set of comfy clothes, featuring a Juice Couture sweatsuit (size 12, $11.95) and Bebe boots (size 3, $9.95) For maximum relaxation, she adds a mermaid blanket ($7.95!)

How do you keep your kids snug as bugs in a rug on cold days? The Goose has plenty of extra layers to help your family ride out the rest of this winter in soft and cuddly style.

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Surviving Cabin Fever

The kids are back in school, your annual cookie supply is dwindling, and big box stores have swapped their displays of red and green for hearts and chocolate. It can only mean one thing: it’s cabin fever season!

It can be a to struggle to find ways to fill these cold, winter days for you and your goslings. We’ve rounded up some ideas for you!

Crafts & Kits

Start those creative juices flowing! Engaging in creative endeavors is a great way to keep a child’s mind and hands occupied. Whether it is knitting, painting, or building model rockets, crafts and kits allow children to build find motor skills and think creatively. Plus, the sense of accomplishment they’ll feel when they finish a project is truly priceless!

Games & Puzzles

Gather the whole gang for some family fun with a game night! We have games for every age and personality. Looking to challenge your trivia knowledge? Try Trivial Pursuits, Wits and Wagers, or Cranium. Want something more lighthearted and goofy? Check out a game like Eat it or Quelf. Prefer the classics? Chutes and Ladders and I Spy currently grace our shelves! No matter what game you choose, having a game night is sure to be a wonderful time of family bonding.

Books & Movies

If the early nightfall and snowy days have you feeling slow and sleepy, we’ve got you covered. Heat up some cocoa in your favorite mug, slip into your fuzzy socks, and grab your favorite book or movie! Books and movies are a great way to go on a new adventure without ever leaving the comfort of your living room – perfect for when you’re stuck inside due to bad weather or the inevitable winter sniffles.

The best part? All of the items featured here are included in our Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale happening right now! This sale ends on January 12th, so don’t wait! Stop by this weekend to stock up on everything you need to beat cabin fever this winter.

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Look of the Month: December

Here at Mama Goose, we’ve decked the halls with adorable holiday frocks! Sweet sisters Fiona and Lyla spread some seasonal cheer by showing off this month’s featured looks!

Lyla gorgeous party dress is by Zara Kids (size 11/12, $13.95) and glitters extra bright with the addition of Cat & Jack pumps (size 4, $6.95) and polka dot Hanna Andersson tights (size 10/12, $5.49.) Fiona’s party dress is by Carter’s (size 3, $8.95) and her black patent leather Mary Janes are by Stride Rite (size 11, $18.95.)

Since outfits this good should be shown off at as many parties as possible, the girls have festive outerwear for out in the snow!

Fiona’s red wool dress coat is by Rothschild (size 4, on sale for $24.95.) Lyla’s size 12 is on sale for $38.00.

All holiday clothing items are on sale for 35% between now and December 31st. And remember, lots of our “holiday” clothes have a longer life than just December. Stock up for any fancy events you have this winter!

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Mama Goose Holiday Hours

Below are our holiday hours for 2019. Don’t forget to join us December 24 for a 15% OFF Flash Sale!

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Jewelry from the Land of Enchantment

Store Owner, Kelly Moreland and her friend on a hike in new Mexico

Store Owner, Kelly Moreland, went on a vacation to New Mexico and, while she couldn’t bring back that big, beautiful blue sky for us to enjoy, she did bring back wholesale jewelry!  Kelly’s reason for the trip was to visit her good friend who lives in Taos, but of course, the Land of Enchantment  is always full of surprises.

One day, after a hike to some natural mineral springs, Kelly and her friend stopped at a scenic vista overlooking the Rio Grande. There, they met an artist named  Ketut who was selling her awesome handmade jewelry and was in the process of liquidating her entire stock. The quality and styles were amazing and the prices were very reasonable – so Kelly scooped up as much as she could and now we have it to offer you!

We think you will love it for yourself as well as gifts. Each piece is Sterling silver, handmade with materials such as Abalone and Mother of Pearl.

Come see for yourself! We have pendants and necklaces on sale at both Mama Goose and Mimi’s Attic while supplies last

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LOTM: November

‘Tis the season to give thanks for layers! This month’s model, adorable Alma, shows us that cute and cozy go hand in hand.

Alma is perfectly prepared for a crisp fall day in Mini Boden corduroy pants (Size 2, $8.95) and a BOGI t-shirt (size 2, $3.50) under a Gap wraparound sweater (size 2, $7.95. ) Velvet sneakers by Cat and Jack (size 11, $8.95) and a Garnet Hill scarf ($3.95) make the outfit almost complete, but woolen mouse mittens ($7.95) bring it all together.

A look this good makes me jump for joy too! Come by the Goose for all your little one’s layering needs.

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