No Buy July

No Buy July at Mama Goose & Jillian’s Drawers

What is No Buy July?
We will be taking a month-long pause from buying in items for both stores.

That’s such a long time! Why?
We want to take this time to use our resources and people-power to prepare the Community Room to open in the fall! The Community Room and the classes and gatherings we’ve held there in the past are an integral part of our mission and goals as a business. We’re looking forward to welcoming you into that space again!

Oh no! My family is moving in July and I was planning to bring in our items before we left! Now what?
Please contact us via phone or email! We will be able to make special arrangements for families that are moving on a case-by-case basis.

When will you start buying again?
We will begin buying again on August 2, at which time we will be buying fall and winter items.

Can I still bring in summer items before the buying pause?
Yes! We will still be accepting summer items through June 30. Please visit the How to Sell page for more details

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